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At Martial Fitness Aust we have a number of different classes for adults to choose from.  These classes range from traditional martial arts classes to fitness based programs and for the athletes sports competition programs.  All of the programs offered at Martial Fitness are suitable to both male and females.



Taekwondo is a group martial arts program originating from Korea.  Typically Taekwondo classes will involve flexibility conditioning, striking development, self defence skills and fitness training.  Our Taekwondo program is based on the traditions of martial arts and encompases respect, confidence and perserverance.   Taekwondo builds both the physical and mental aspects of martial arts training.





Our Sports Taekwondo Program referred to the "Future Champions Squad" is aimed at getting our athletes ready for Taekwondo competitions.  The program builds on the athletes existing martial arts skills and helps them work towards becoming a world or olympic champion.  Generally athletes would need a minimum of 12 months taekwondo training to become part of this program.



Kickboxing is a fast paced striking martial arts program guaranteed to burn those calories. These classes involve fitness conditioning, pad work,  and self defence skills.  Kickboxing is suited to people who are interested in the health and fitness benefits of martial arts but do not want to be caught up in some of the more traditional forms of martial arts.



Jiu-Jitsu classes or more commonly known as BJJ, is primarily a ground based martial arts program designed to force your opponent into submission.  BJJ encompases the use of joint locks and manipulation from seemingly impossible defence situations and helps even out the odds with larger attackers.  BJJ is a vital part of your training for any future MMA fighters.














Mixed Martial Arts or MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world and brings together the strengths of many different martial arts to provide the ultimate martial arts training program.  This program allows our athletes to work towards competition and encompasses technical martial arts training with functional strength and conditioning.