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Kind words from athletes and family members

Our journey with Martial Fitness Australia began in 2013.  Our son, then aged 8, and our daughter, aged 5, needed to be stimulated in a more structured sport with a high level of discipline and respect.  It was suggested some form of Martial Arts would be most suitable for both children and so Taekwondo was chosen.   Martial Fitness Australia came very highly recommended to us due to the club being under the instruction of Master Allan Malachowski and his expertise in many forms of the Martial Art disciplines.

The club is a very professional and safe environment for children and adults of all ages where they learn all aspects of Martial Arts.  Whether it be learning specialised techniques, respect, trust,  self-discipline,  strength or awareness of one’s capability and confidence, Martial Fitness Australia has all of these areas covered in a well-equipped studio.

My two children have advanced over the 7 years to obtain their International Black Belt and compete in Australia and around the world in Taekwondo Sparring Competitions.  The level of commitment that our two children have put in has taken them on a journey that has moulded them into extremely confident and courageous teenagers, which can only benefit them through life.  The sports program Martial Fitness Australia offers to those students, who show an interest to compete, is a very supportive and highly successful team.

The club’s Training & Team Manager, Kelly Malachowski, is always at the front desk to answer any questions you have, organise the student’s classes, uniforms, protective gear, or coordinate trips for competitions.  Their two children, Lachlan and Schelby are also in classes coaching the kids and assisting them to achieve their next Belt level.  It truly is a fantastic, family club.

Adele Elsley

Martial Fitness not only provides exceptional teaching through structured programs of Martial Arts they are also have a phenomenal understanding of the children they teach and adapt their methods to cater for the individual. My son John is on the Autism Spectrum and Martial Fitness have been instrumental in helping develop his confidence, increase his ability to focus and listen, be resilient, disciplined, overcome fear and know his self - worth.

Allan, Kelly and their team of instructors have superior teaching skills and have been able to adapt their methods of teaching to keep my son engaged and always wanting to learn more. Whilst their Studio provides Martial Arts and Self Defence Training, I have also found that they provide Guidance, support and understanding and are excellent role models not only within the club but within the community. They are just genuinely nice caring people who want the best for all their students.

Recently due to the COVID 19 outbreak the Studio have had to change their classes to an online format. I am pleased to say the delivery and execution of these classes speaks volumes that they really are the best in the west. My son was able to achieve Blue Belt Status recently and I cannot thank the club enough for everything in helping John achieve this milestone.


Belinda Bennett

We joined Martial Fitness Australia in 2011, when our eldest son was just 3 ½ years as his first martial art class. Almost 10 years later,  we still have both our kids very keenly going to the club.

Head coach Allan and Manager Kelly are running an amazing  family friendly club for students of all ages and their very experienced family friendly staff including their own internationally experienced children make us feel this lovely club an extended family for all the members.

Staff commitment and member support is second to none, especially when we are travelling away for competitions. My Kids have excelled in Taekwondo at the club, which has contributed to improving a range of physical strengths as well as most importantly self-discipline and self-confidence. Carefully thought out programmes at the club are really helping the kids of all ages and we have seen improvement on our kids concentration and focus. Their commitment to the students and the program is demonstrated when quickly adopted to COVID-19 restrictions and provide the kids with an online training option.


We can’t highly recommend enough the club and the staff

Udula & Rasika 

Our journey began with Martial Fitness Australia in May 2017, to provide an overview our 2 daughters who were ages 10 and 7 at the time had both been dancing for nearly 6 years and through friends that they made at dancing decided that they wanted to try something different, at first it started with Amber our 10 year old started by trialling a traditional Taekwondo class and our 7 year old daughter Tayla joining in after a short period of time of watching her older sister. Today our time at MFA time has turned into somewhere where we call our 2nd home, it’s like a second family that we all have grown to love going to and enjoy attending together.


MFA is a family owned business run by Allan and Kelly, with the assistance of their adult kids Schelby and Lachlan. The ability to lead, nurture and develop their own staff is also shown by the committed, professional and qualified team of instructors that instruct under the guidance of Allan, who are still active members of the club.


What is it that Martial Fitness Australia can bring to your child, your partner or even yourself that another martial arts centre wont?


Professional, qualified staff who provide training on the technique and guidance on the forms of martial arts including Taekwondo, BJJ, Kickboxing, MMA and personal training, they also provide classes in these areas which combine both facets of fitness and technique.


In providing these areas of training they promote and help develop a knowledge of structure to their student’s lives, discipline in a controlled learning environment, ensuring that students and athletes have a structured routine and targets to reach, ensuring that progression is evident and always acknowledging improvement by using progressive belt structures and rewarding everyone’s hard work and discipline.


Having been involved in elite sporting environments I feel to be successful in life and sport you need to be able to be a great person as well as a great athlete, MFA are passionate about their students being great people and great athletes, they are taught to show respect to everyone, show good sportsmanship and acknowledgement and share in other athletes achievements, but also to recognise you haven’t failed if you give your best effort. I am so proud to acknowledge MFA have moulded my 2 daughters into respectful, confident, influential and positive little ladies, whilst learning new defence skills all within a safe, positive environment for all to learn in.


So just to share a little bit about both girl’s journey’s so far:


Our now 13 year old daughter after 3 years of hard work, 100’s of hours of training, nutrition, having fun, laughing, crying, many bruises, bumps, strains, overseas trips, representing Australia in Uzbekistan as a Cadet, current National Champion and an International black belt holder in Taekwondo! With a lethal kick and a nickname of the “Smiling Assassin” the enjoyment she has developed with MFA has provided a great confidence to do whatever she needs to achieve “her best” on every occasion!


Our now 10 year old struggled at first to last a class, concentration would wane, on occasions lacked motivation, but now is a red belt 3 stripe, also has passed 2 levels of kickboxing, and also performs BJJ with her sister, whilst her level of achievements varies, she has a beaming smile, has self-worth and self-belief in everything she does, now has the ability to defend herself, is the first to offer assistance to others who are unsure in what they are doing in class, but most importantly is involved in a positive environment and has developed great friends in a supportive environment.


A massive thank you for professional and personal coaching that you have provided over the last 3 years to our girls, Allan and Kelly without your assistance our young daughters wouldn’t be the people they have grown up to be today, this all because of your influence and care you show your athletes and the professional environment you have created! Makes me proud to call us members of MFA!

Brett Carter

I love this club.

I joined Martial Fitness Australia in January 2018 as I had always wanted to learn Taekwondo and decided to give it a go. From the moment I nervously walked through the doors I could not have felt more welcome.

Allan and Kelly have built a fun, supportive and family-friendly culture. They genuinely love their students and want to see you become the best version of yourself, and this makes our club an absolute pleasure to be involved with. The instructors are amazingly skilled and knowledgeable, and equally supportive and generous with their time and instruction. And importantly, the members of the club are a great group of people to train with and be around - I strongly believe this is testament to the culture and environment that Allan and Kelly have built.

I am fitter, stronger, more flexible, healthier, happier, and I sincerely believe, am a better person because of my training at Martial Fitness Australia.

Every single day I am proud to be a member of this club - the passion, care, support and standard of training is unparalleled, and when my son is old enough I will have no hesitation in him joining Team MFA.

Whether your goal is to learn new skills, improve your health and fitness, meet a great group of new people, or to represent Australia and become a world champion, Martial Fitness Australia is the right place for you.

I will be forever grateful for my experience with Martial Fitness Australia and look forward to many many more years with this club. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Clay O'Brien

We, as a family, have been members at Martial Fitness Aust. for over 8 years. Originally joining for fun and fitness and knowing hardly anything about Taekwondo, we have embraced all that the club and teachers have to offer us. For me, learning self-defence and the traditional teachings of Taekwondo alongside Kickboxing, I have the all-round fitness experience!


My sons love their teachers and classes - my eldest also joined the Sports Taekwondo program where he competes around Australia, including the National Championships. The confidence that learning a Martial Art has given them is incomparable. The staff and studio have evolved with their members and has become the most amazing environment to train in

Sue Rumble

Martial fitness Australia- I chose this club because they they had the courtsey to contact me back! And i am forever greatful for that phone call.

It is a well run family operated business.  As a parent of 2 children that attend the club I feel they are made very welcome each and every lesson they attend. Master Allen, Miss Kelly and staff are very caring and nurturing especially towards the younger kids whilst maintaining discipline.

Its really nice seeing the older kids with black belts help Out with the younger kids- and the younger kids giving the older kids respect.

My children have really embraced Taekwando, as well as learning various kicks&punches and counting in korean. Through taekwando training they have further developed thier self discipline skills - a skill that I think is necessary

Selena Dong-Young

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