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Are you looking for the best Melbourne Taekwondo Martial Arts Program?

Taekwondo Classes conducted at Martial Fitness Australia in their professional and modern Western Melbourne Point Cook martial arts studio, are the most dynamic and progressive Melbourne Taekwondo classes when it comes to your self defence and wellbeing.


Congratulations you are finally at the right place when it comes to your Melbourne Taekwondo classes. At Martial Fitness Australia you will find our modern Taekwondo martial arts program helps you achieve
your Taekwondo Black Belt through our structured and supportive classes.

Here at Martial Fitness Australia we leave nothing to chance when it comes to your taekwondo and
personal development.

taekwndo point cook

Taekwondo is a traditional martial art and self defence program originating from Korea.

Our Melbourne Taekwondo classes focus on both the physical attributes of self defense using hands and feet and the mental aspects building confidence, focus and discipline. Don’t’ forget our taekwondo classes are also a great way to have fun, make new friends and interact with other warrior minded community members.

​Our Point Cook based Taekwondo classes are thoughtfully designed and conducted allowing every member the opportunity to progress at their own time.​


Peewees 3-5 Years

You need to know that we care for your child as much as you do

Our point cook martial arts studio is child safe when it comes to kids’ activities. Our Melbourne martial arts classes are safe, friendly, fun and an exciting introduction to keeping fit. This program focuses on improving fine motor skills (co-ordination), street smarts (stranger danger) and of course self defence skills.

With lots of encouragement, smiles and motivational messages the classes are full of activities that engage our members ensuring they sleep well and want to come back again and again.

The peewees martial arts program is based around the traditional martial art of Taekwondo and using a structured belt system introduces to children the excitement of setting and ultimately achieving goals blowing their confidence sky high! There is no better activity then martial arts training when it comes to building confidence, structure and coordination into your child’s development.

Little Champions 6-9 Years

Getting your child involved in group activities helps build valuable social and interpersonal skills

We are well aware that children at this age group want something more from their after school activities, it needs to fun, it needs to be challenging, it needs to be rewarding and most of all it needs to be relevant.

Our Little Champions also experience the physical benefits of martial arts training with improved concentration, mental awareness, respect, and the difference of right and wrong.

Our Little Champions are at the age where they are more aware of themselves both physically and mentally and need options when it comes to martial arts training. We are aware of this and offer a number of different programs for our little champions martial arts programs that are suitable for both boys and girls.

Warriors 10-13 Years

Our values are the same as yours when it comes to keeping your children active and safe

Children mature and have a constant need to keep active, engaged and challenged or risk the possibility of growing unhealthy, feeling isolated and lack motivation.

The martial arts classes professionally supervised by the team at Martial Fitness Australia are in the business of building good members of our community. Martial arts is a way of accomplishing this by providing leadership and building trust with its students.

You just do not know if your child is going to be the next National Champion, World Champion or Olympic Champion so you want to partner with the experts at Martial Fitness Australia. 


Our Warrior programs are suited to both boys and girls and with our constant and never ending pursuit of excellence, you know you are in the right hands with your Melbourne martial arts training.

Adults 14 +

Time is limited and we must priortise the importance of a healthy mind and body with our limited time

Teenagers tend to spend more time with others and not ON THEMSELVES and the same goes with adults, who are busy raising a family going to work and managing life’s daily pressures are often forgetting about THEMSELVE.

At Martial Fitness Australia we understand that during all the daily activity we all must set aside some time for OURSELVES. The old saying goes “You cannot help others if you cannot help yourself!” and martial arts training is a great way to achieve this. The pressure of exams and managing a hectic work schedule often leaves us feeling drained, stressed, agitated and of course unfulfilled.

By keeping a healthy body and mind you will take head-on life’s daily challenges in the best shape you can possibly be in. Setting goals to do with your own health and fitness such as, obtaining a Black Belt, motivates and drives us in all parts of our lives with the subtle reminder that we all need to have time to work on ourselves.

As a group activity many families have found taking part in martial arts training builds a connective bond of interest and not just blood, making up plenty of conversation and extracurricular activity at home.


Taekwondo classes are held understanding that each age group has different needs, from our youngest Peewees 3 - 5 years, where the focus is on building confidence, balance and motor skills to the Little Champions 6 – 9 years, where students are reminded about respect for themselves and others whilst mastering their self defence, onto the Warriors 10 – 13 years where perseverance and the will to never give up help in all aspects of their daily lives, and finally Adult/Teens classes 14 years and over where lifelong taekwondo master Black Belts are created.

​All members in our Point Cook Taekwondo classes will be taught the skills of punching along with

kicking, ground self defence and traditional patterns as well as being carefully watched by our talent identification coaches always on the lookout to recruit new athletes into the Sports Taekwondo program.


​We, as a family, have been members at Martial Fitness Aust. for over 8 years. Originally joining for fun and fitness and knowing hardly anything about Taekwondo, we have embraced all that the club and teachers have to offer us. For me, learning self-defence and the traditional teachings of Taekwondo alongside Kickboxing, I have the all-round fitness experience! My sons love their teachers and classes - my eldest also joined the Sports Taekwondo program where he competes around Australia, including the National Championships.

Sue Rumble

Member Testimonial

If you are looking for martial arts training in the Point Cook area, I would highly recommend Martial Fitness Australia. I have been a member for over 10 years, and I cannot speak highly enough about the program, and
commitment of the staff. The Principal and Head Instructor Allan Malachowski and his family have created an environment that is welcoming and supportive of different training needs.

Hamish Green

Member Testimonial

​I joined Martial Fitness Australia in January 2018 as I had always wanted to learn Taekwondo and decided to give it a go. From the moment I nervously walked through the doors I could not have felt more welcome. Allan and Kelly have built a fun, supportive and family-friendly culture. They genuinely love their students and want to see you become  the best version of yourself, and this makes our club an absolute pleasure to be involved with

​Clay O'Brien

Member Testimonial

Member Feedback

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