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What are you doing differently this season?

Most, if not all sporting groups go through phases of their training cycle with the first phase being pre-season training. Experience proves that a poor pre-season training program will lead to a team’s underperformance and injuries to athletes.
Martial Arts Melbourne West


Martial Fitness Australia has been helping sporting teams for many years design and manage their pre-season training programs with great success. We take the time to understand the sport and team dynamics and put in place a pre-season training program with the simple goals of getting the team physically and mentally prepared for the season ahead.

“It’s like having a dedicated strength and conditioning coach or personal trainer on your team”.

We have worked with football clubs, soccer teams, netball and basketball teams

and helped get the season off to the absolute best start possible. There is so much more to the physical side of a pre-season training program, teams must bond and build trust in one another, set goals and be on the same page when it comes to the season ahead. Our professional coaches build these important factors in when it comes to developing your pre-season program.

Martial Arts Melbourne West

We also consult directly to teams during the course of the season and help build additional strength, conditioning, fitness and motivational sessions

 into the DTE (Daily training environment) helping to reduce the repetitive nature of normal season training. A fresh approach or face is often all is needed to reignite the team’s passion and excitement in finishing the season strong.
In today’s sporting environment of teams being so evenly matched that only micro gains can be the difference in winning or losing. If you are looking to improve on last year’s results and get the edge over your competitors, then a professional pre-season program is exactly what you need.

Martial Arts Melbourne West

So, what is involved in a professional pre-season training program?

FIRST CONSULTATION – A Martial Fitness Coach will meet with you and learn more about who the team is, your past programs and experiences, what limitations may be present, what drives and motivates the team, what the season objectives are and how committed you are to achieving them. After this we will have a greater understanding of exactly who you are.

THE TRAINING PROGRAM - Your Martial Fitness Australia strength and conditioning coach will then customise a training program that is designed JUST FOR YOUR TEAM to HELP YOU achieve your previously discussed goals. The program can be delivered by us or you can have a club member run the program with our detailed and easy to follow curriculum.



​We, as a family, have been members at Martial Fitness Aust. for over 8 years. Originally joining for fun and fitness and knowing hardly anything about Taekwondo, we have embraced all that the club and teachers have to offer us. For me, learning self-defence and the traditional teachings of Taekwondo alongside Kickboxing, I have the all-round fitness experience! My sons love their teachers and classes - my eldest also joined the Sports Taekwondo program where he competes around Australia, including the National Championships.

Sue Rumble

Member Testimonial

If you are looking for martial arts training in the Point Cook area, I would highly recommend Martial Fitness Australia. I have been a member for over 10 years, and I cannot speak highly enough about the program, and
commitment of the staff. The Principal and Head Instructor Allan Malachowski and his family have created an environment that is welcoming and supportive of different training needs.

Hamish Green

Member Testimonial

​I joined Martial Fitness Australia in January 2018 as I had always wanted to learn Taekwondo and decided to give it a go. From the moment I nervously walked through the doors I could not have felt more welcome. Allan and Kelly have built a fun, supportive and family-friendly culture. They genuinely love their students and want to see you become  the best version of yourself, and this makes our club an absolute pleasure to be involved with

​Clay O'Brien

Member Testimonial

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